Pool Decks and Lanai Cleaning

Pool Decks and Lanai Cleaning

Pool Decks & Lanai CleaningPool Decks and Lanai Cleaning is one of the highest traffic areas of a home and on the same time can be easily neglected do to its “clean look”.

Do to its constant moisture, mold and algae grows fast and it looks bad and can be extremely slippery.

Our Pool Decks and Lanai Cleaning procedures includes environmentally safe cleaning solutions and a hot water pressure washing that is done with a surface cleaning machine. This prevent of almost all of the dirty water from making its way into your pool. We are careful not to add any existing damage. We able to clean areas that have cracks, loose grout, broken stone or tiles, or other problems.

Pool Decks and Lanai Cleaning is recommended to be cleaned every 8 – 12 months. Some of our customers that have a lot of trees surrounding the pool area, or high traffic areas, should be done twice a year.

Patios & Patio Furniture

Pool Decks & Lanai CleaningYour patio should be a clean, relaxing, and enjoyable area where you can unwind.
We can safely clean any area on your patio. We also offer concrete, stone, and wood sealing.
Sealing your patio will help it look its’ best for years to come.


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