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How often should I pressure wash my house?

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The outside of your house can really take a beating. It has to withstand sun, rain, wind and hail. It has to be more consistent than the mailman! But, all that weather can really take a toll on the exterior of your home. It doesn’t take long before it can begin to look dirty, grimy or even moldy.

But, you have a weapon against the elements. A good power washing can make an older home look fresh and new. If you have never power washed your home, you might have a few questions. Good thing you came to us. Keep reading for the most important information you need to know about power washing your home.

1.Benefits of power washing your home
Power washing blasts accumulated dirt and grime off the exterior of your home. Instead of getting up on a ladder and scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing – power washing uses a strong stream of water to do all the work for you.

2.Contributing factors
The question of how often you power wash your home really depends on the climate and environment where you live. If you live in a more humid environment, the exterior of your home could be more vulnerable to mold and mildew accumulation. You might live in a place that gets heavy storms, and those could bring with them more wind, dirt and leaves. Living in a place with lots of leafy trees could also mean you need more frequent power washings.

3.Timing is everything – When to power wash your home
Weather plays an important factor when it comes to the best time to power wash your home. You don’t want to do it in the middle of snowy winter weather. You probably don’t want to do it in autumn, when all the falling leaves could just re-accumulate on and around your house. The best time to power wash your home is when the weather is mild and sunny.

4. Beyond a cleaning – time to replace your siding?
Sometimes, your home might need a little more than a good power washing – you may need to replace your siding altogether. If your home’s siding has physical damage – it’s warped, cracked or broken – you might want to consider a replacement job. This might also be the case if your home’s siding shows signs of heavy mold or dry rot. Also, the sun can have very powerful effects on your siding. If your siding is very faded, no amount of power washing will renew it to its original color – so this is another time where you might want to consider replacing it.

5. Need a pressure washing in Lakewood Ranch?
It can be frustrating to find a professional to come to your home. That is because you want to find someone who is good, someone you can trust. Did you know that A&B Property Services can help you with that?
Power washing is a relatively quick, relatively easy way to make your home look fresh and new. You can blast away layers of dirt and grime in no time at all. Use A&B Property Services and your Lakewood Ranch home will look sparkling new at no time at all!
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  1. Theodore Winston

    That’s good to know that pressure washing is a good alternative to scrubbing the outside of your house. Pressure washing just sounds like a good way to save time and hassle when cleaning the outside of your home. I don’t own a pressure washer myself, so I’ll probably have to look into hiring a leaning service to come pressure wash my house for me. I appreciate the information!

  2. Finn Stewart

    I like how you mention that how often you power wash your home depends on the climate and environment you live in. My house hasn’t been cleaned on the outside in years and I think a good power washing could help it look a few years younger. I’ll have to talk to a professional about how often my house should be power washed if I live in a very dry and hot climate.

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